Final Episode

November 12, 2009

Queston 6:  What are your thoughts on the last scene of the final episode of The Sopranos?   What happens at the end of the episode?  Why did the creators choose this ending? Read the rest of this entry »

Response Question: Career Fair

October 28, 2009

To get credit for the professional activities portion of the course grade, please take a few moments to share your experiences at the Career Fair.  What companies did you visit at the event?  What did you learn from attending the fair?  How can the event be improved next year?

Question 4: Feminism

October 1, 2009

Before posing this question, let me make it clear that I consider myself to be a feminist.  On Tuesday, we will address how feminism has influenced the analysis of gender in contemporary television criticism.  But before this class discussion, I want you to reveal what the term “feminism” means to you.  What denotative meaning do you assign to this term?  What connotative meanings are triggered when you think of “feminism”?

Third Discussion Question: Interpretation of Dialogue

September 17, 2009

The final line of the Wonder Years episode viewed in class was spoken by Jack Arnold: “That’s Polaris, the North Star.  That’s how sailors used to find their way home.”  What is your interpretation of this dialogue?  Why did the episode end on this note?

Question 2: The semiotics of branding

September 10, 2009

What brand blue jeans do you wear?  Why do you wear that particular brand?  What are you saying about your tastes and allegiances when you purchase and wear your favorite brand of blue jeans?

Pomogeezer = Dr. Jimmie Reeves

September 1, 2009

I was born on May 24, 1951, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but was raised in a small farming community 17 miles north of Lubbock named Abernathy. I graduated from Abernathy High School in 1969 and earned my first undergraduate degree from Virginia Military Institute in 1973. It was, strangely enough, a BS in Civil Engineering—a degree that has come in handy every time the toilet backs up. After serving four years as an infantry officer stationed in Germany, I returned to school and earned three degrees in Radio-TV-Film from the University of Texas. My first teaching job was in the Speech Communication Department at Auburn University in Alabama. My second teaching job was in the Communication Department at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. I have been a member of the faculty at Texas Tech since 1995. I am married to Kathryn Quilliam Reeves who retired last year from the post of Ombudsman here at Texas Tech. We have two sons. The oldest is Kyle Gregory (Kathryn’s offspring from a previous marriage) who is a Senior at Texas State University in San Marcos. Our youngest son is Pierce Quilliam Reeves (11 years-old) who just started middle school and has, so far, been traumatized by the experience. We have two dogs (Gus and Goldie) and one cat (Casper).  In the past I was an avid viewer of X Files, Twin Peaks, Survivor, Big Brother, The Chappelle Show, American Idol, Seinfeld, and The Sopranos.  But now I pretty much restrict my viewing to a regular dose of The Daily Show.  As many of you know all too well, the time I used to spend watching television is now devoted to playing World of Warcraft.  As to what I avoid on television . . . ANYTHING on the Disney Channel.

I obviously don’t expect you to go into so much detail in your response to this question.  But I do hope that you will provide a short introduction that relates something relevant about your background and interests.  What is your home town?  What do you want to be when you “grow up”?  What are your favorite television programs?  What on television do you try to avoid?

Hello New Television Scholars!

August 26, 2009

I hope this blog will be a fun way of enhancing the course material by providing a venue for you to share your responses to key questions related to the analysis of television.  I will post response question on the dates listed on the syllabus and you have until the next class period to post your thoughts.  The first question is your chance to introduce yourself to your fellow students.  See the instruction page for guidance on how to post in the introduction category.  I will post my own introduction in that category.  But relax, I don’t expect you to match the length of my response.


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